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After three weeks of flu, my weight loss journey has been put on a very annoying holt.
Initially, I was feeling so hard on myself for not training and tried so hard to fight my symptoms.

Training 4 times a week in the gym and sticking to my nutrition plan is so important to me and my lifestyle, but sometimes it’s important to realise life gets in the way.

That’s why after having nearly 3 weeks off from the gym and generally been laid horizontal for most days attempting to rest. I had some time to reflect on my fitness journey over the past two years and how far I have come, I have got myself into a routine where missing the gym feels abnormal, but this also made me realise an ugly characteristic of the gym/fitness lifestyle.



After 2 years since joining a gym, what have I learned?

After spending 4 evenings of my week in the same gym for the last 2 years, you start to recognise the same faces who train on the same days, at the same time.

I suppose you could call it, ‘the dedicated lifestyle gymers’ the people who have a set routine they stick to weekly. Either training separate body parts per day with weights, the BBG girls who do their Kayla workouts like no ones watching or the class-goers who see their Thursday night spin class as a social club that gets results, that cannot be missed (all things I can say I have experimented with).

With this you also notice the new faces, the people who may not have stepped in a gym for 3 years because of an injury, the people who have never been in a big gym, that clearly feel uncomfortable and silly lifting weights and the people who might be trying something new and are looking to others to see how to use the machines.


“Everyone is on their own journey”.


This is what got me thinking about the dynamics of the gym and how it seems to have grown a slight negative characteristic.

People are quick to categorise people into a box of beginner, intermediate and expert.

When I attempt to go back to the gym this week for my first work out since I became bedridden and runny nosed.

Will I be going back as a beginner?

Because the traits ‘associated’ with being a beginner are; feeling weak and not in a comfortable routine, I will look to @timmstime to reassure me and give me the motivation to keep going just like I needed 2 years ago when I first started training.

So what’s changed?

Does this mean my training has declined and I’ve not progressed?

Or have I stayed where I am so I must be at a plateau?


In those two years, I’ve gained the most important thing and that’s knowledge.


Emily rajch fitness


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I’ve experienced hard work and understood how my body can gain results. I personally don’t think anyone can call themselves an ‘expert’ in fitness or say their views on exercise are better than someone who has just started because everyone is on their own journey, looking to achieve different things, no matter how big or small their goal is.
I hate so much when some PTs and fitness models make belittling posts on Instagram about people using the machines wrong or that the new people that have joined after Christmas are slowing down their workouts.

These are the people that intimidate people in the gym and make it an uncomfortable place.

Not only for people who are unhappy with their weight and dealing with a battle of feeling self-conscious, but to women and men in general that are been made to feel intimidated by this idea of the ‘gym expert’.


Yes, you are a qualified PT/bodybuilder or fitness model with years of experience and hard work, but if ‘I’ want to use a machine at the gym in a way ‘I’ want to use it because it gives ‘me’ the results on my butt that the leg press doesn’t then that’s up to me! When did peoples egos get so big and miss the point that any form of exercise is good and not wrong!? (Disclaimer** I’m not suggesting or encouraging people to use machines incorrectly that would cause them to hurt themselves, I’m talking about me personally using the assisted pull-up machine, to do 1 leg push downs, which we mention in the Xecrise 4 Less take over video)


Assisted pull-up machine, that I use to do single leg push downs to isolate my glutes. See X4L takeover video to see how.


I personally love talking to people and been friendly at the gym and I can admit that it has taken me a while to build the confidence to realise, people aren’t laughing at me, people aren’t thinking im weak or thinking I don’t know what I’m doing, everyone is too busy working on their own progress. But I know I would have got there a lot quicker if I hadn’t seen negativity on social media or if people had been more friendly to me and open at the start.

I started to try and break the cycle by letting people jump in on my sets and share the equipment when it was busy. Something @timmstime taught me to do.


Emily rajch fitness


He also met some of his closest friends at the gym from just talking about what each other’s workouts were.


To me, that is so inspiring and makes me love that a lot of fitness movements such as #ThisGirlCan and The Girlfriend Collective are encouraging women in such a positive way.


Heres the inspiring promotion video that ‘This Girl Can’ ran, if you didn’t get a chance to catch it.

And I also jiggle! haha


So when we did this @xercise4less take over (which we loved doing!) We said straight away we are not experts this is just a video to show how as a couple you can have fun and enjoy working out together!

Hopefully, we can get the message across more to people that you do not need to be an expert to enjoy and talk about the gym.

Xercise4Less has a great community and uses its app and social media accounts to encourage people to feel comfortable at their gyms, ask other members questions, share transformation stories and earn incentive points everytime you go to the gym that can earn you free PT sessions, discount on protein and supplements and even earn you free membership.

The free app has work-out suggestions to suit individuals needs, and you can even track your progress on there.

Download their app to see more here:


Here is our first Instagram take over as Xercise4Less ambassadors.


What would you like to see on the next one?



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