The importance of Seeds For Your Body & Skin

Since October 2016, I’ve made a conscious effort to think about the effects everything I eat and drink has on my body and my skin. As I previously mentioned in past posts, when  I’m stressed and not looking after my body it shows on my skin. With this, I looked into different supplements to add to my morning smoothies. Here are some suggested seeds to add to your routine and the effects it can have on your skin.

Flaxseed (ground)

Fantastic for glowing skin and weight loss. With high levels of Omega 3, it helps you feel satiated and the fibre and protein take a lot of time for your digestive system to process, which makes you feel fuller for longer. I sprinkle mine on cereal, avocado on toast and in my super smoothies.

For people dealing with Acne and Acne scars, Flaxseed and Omega3 promote healing, this also helps people suffering from Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry skin and other skin conditions. The Lignans are anti-inflammatory and help the body heal the skin.

Omega 3 isn’t just important for vanity reasons it is essential in order to prevent Alzheimer’s and helps with Depression and so helpful for difficult sleepers. If you have children, Omega 3 is key in their diet to help their brains develop properly.
The only way for our body to get Omega 3 is through foods we eat. But I also take Omega 3,6,9 capsules topped with a heavy love for oily fish, like salmon.

Other seeds contacting high levels of Omega 3 are…


Chia seeds

Again a great source of Omega 3, Chia seeds are also rich in antioxidants and full of fibre, magnesium, zinc, iron and most importantly for me, calcium.

I first learnt about these tiny powerhouses when I gave up cows milk as my family has a history of osteoarthritis, so my mum has always drilled the importance of drinking milk. When actually chia seeds have a whopping 631 mg over milk 125mg in 100 grammes.

With this being said, I really don’t understand why cows milk is associated with calcium at all. It is given out at schools and generally consumed in cafes, restaurants and homes daily. I try to cut dairy out of my diet now but it is literally everywhere and in everything! This is another topic I plan to cover at a later date but the effects that cows milk has on acne prone skin is horrendous. If you take anything from this post then please let it be the lack of cow hormone from your life.

Here are some alternatives. I personally love Oat and Soy. Finally got my mum on the almond too!


I add a sprinkle of chia seed to most of my meals and shakes. Completely tasteless and the results are incredible.

These products and milk alternatives referred to in this review were purchased by myself. I do not promote these more than others that I haven’t reviewed.  I buy all my products from Amazon or health shops in Leeds or London.


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