11 Things to cut if you cant lose stubborn fat



If your past the beginner stage of the healthy lifestyle plan but still not shifting that extra bit of annoying fat no matter how hard you train in the gym, and you badly want your lower belly podge to be a thing of the past.


These extra tips on how to be a little more stricter may be the answer to shifting that last little bit.



Stop with the coffees. Coffee shop coffees such as Starbucks and Costa are filled with hidden calories, sugar and fat. Even the sugar-free syrups need to be avoided. Once you kick this habit you will never miss the extra expense you rack up each month. Even the instant coffee you’re having at your desk could be whats holding your abs back. After you 4/5th coffee or tea of the day, just think about how much milk you may have gone through that day. That diary can soon add up to a hefty amount of calories.


2. Processed foods

Start making things from fresh. If you haven’t made it yourself it is most likely to be full of sugar, preservatives and hidden saturated fats. Even the pre-cooked chilled meats in the supermarkets you may be grabbing for your lunch, they can be sat in the supermarket cooked for days. Always premake your lunches to take to work or cook from fresh.



3. Juices, Sugary fruits and Tomatoes.

I used to drink a carton of orange juice a day thinking I was healthy and getting my vitamins and fruits in for the day. There was in fact 469 calories and  89g of sugar in 1-litre carton of Tropicana orange juice.

Just to compare one glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut has 200 calories, 12 grams (g) fat (3g saturated), 2g protein, and 10g sugars.


According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount added sugars you should eat in a day are (7): Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons). Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons)


I also swap tomatoes for red peppers if you’re stuck with some extra pounds that won’t budge after months of healthy eating. Try this as its really worked for me.

Avoid all juices and drink more water.


4. Go for green

Green veggies like asparagus, broccoli, spinach, pak choi and rocket have such amazing nutrients in them, they are so low in calories, carbs and fats and keep you full for longer.



5. Eat fewer carbs and fats on non-training days

No real explanation needed as its pretty obvious that as you are more sedimentary that day.


6.Ban the ketchup and mayo and salad dressings

These have so many hidden calories. You won’t even miss them after a while. Salad dressings are something you think you need. A squeeze of lemon and some black pepper is just as tasty!


What I Keep In My Gym Bag

7. Cut down on dairy

Having lots of tea and coffee in the office can give you weight gain in no time. Try drinking your coffee black or cut back. replacing this with hot water with lemon or peppermint tea will really help. Having lots of caffeine actually puts your body under stress which makes you feel hungry.  If you’re worried about calcium, add chia seeds to your diet. See more in my post about Seeds here:  https://www.emilyrajch.co.uk/the-importance-of-seeds-for-your-body-skin/ 


8. Eating avocados with every meal 

This will make you gain weight, but in moderation of half a day is really good for your weight loss as they keep you feeling fuller for longer and are full of the good fats which make you lose weight.


9. Porridge & Oats

Make sure these are rolled oats that have no hidden sugars. Have them plain with water and a small amount of almond milk. Not pre-flavoured or covered in honey.



emily rajch


10. Energy/protein bars and shakes 

Make sure you look at the sugar and fat content of these. Usually, if it’s sugar-free, its super high in trans fat and vice versa. Also look for high salt/sodium levels and carbs. Some protein bars have more sugar in them than a mars bar so always check the label and make sure you don’t fall for them, its says protein on it so it must be healthy. We want 20/30g every 3-4 hours. This is pure proteins. Not fried chickens and Protein flapjacks with 6g in.


11. Healthy alternatives may need to be cut.

  • Metcalf’s skinny popcorn and lentil baked curls (as an alternative to crips)
  • Smoothies – Pre-made or own made, if you have them too frequently you could be having lots of sugars your not aware your even having daily. Track your macros on Myfitness pal to see how much sugar per day you are actually having. It can sometimes be quite shocking.
  • Sports drinks to give you energy for the gym – Most are full of sugar or sweetener. Swap this for a black coffee or pre-workout.
  • Watch your portion size, make sure you listen to your body. Are you actually full before you finish? Then stop eating.
  • Avoid alcohol altogether, especially cocktails or sugary wines and spirits. If you need to drink swap to vodka lime and soda.
  • Avoid fizzy sugary drinks completely.



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