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If you work in an office you may (like me) get frustrated about sitting behind a desk all day.


I find I’m consuming my daily calories but not actually burning them off like I intend to at the start of each day.I’m stuck answering emails or have my head down in an SEO project, knee-deep in excel files looking at numbers and figures. Before I know it, its 5.30pm and I’ve only walked to warm my lunch up for the last 6 hours.


The Daily Mail did a study that in Britain we spend a crazy nine hours sat on our backsides each day. “Most are spending five hours every day locked firmly in their office chair, managing to escape only for lunch and a quick stretch of their legs.Trains, buses and sitting behind the wheel of their own car to get into work also robs them of another hour.


standing desk vs sitting desk


But the problem continues at home – with adults reporting that they spend a further three hours sat down after work, recovering from their hectic days”.

I’m sure you have realised this, just like me and thought, I’ll start taking the stairs more and make a conscious effort to stand up more at work.

But the reality is, when work calls, we listen and don’t put our physical needs first.

“Because of the excessive time spent sitting down, 73 percent reported suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain.

And despite knowing the sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes, less than half of Britons do anything to prevent it.Sitting for prolonged periods of time can create muscle and joint problems and exacerbate existing ones.” – Daily Mail.

Whats the solution to this I hear you ask?


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Well, recently I’ve been researching into the benefits of standing up while working on your PC or Laptop.


Why should you work standing up?

The benefits of standing up working are a combination of mental and physical benefits.

  • Increased energy
  • Increased blood flow
  • Higher caloric burn
  • Your mental attitude is better
  • Energy levels are better
  • Chronic back pain has been helped

According to Standing Desk UK experts Desk Mate, “Standing at work allows you increased concentration, improved wellness and in turn, keeps you more motivated throughout the day”.



Desk Mate standing desk vs sitting desk


This all sounds great but the question I want to know the most is…


Does working standing up burn calories?

According to the BBC’s report on standing up, where they collected data from researchers.

“The Chester researchers took measurements on days when the volunteers stood, and when they sat around. When they looked at the data there were some striking differences. As we had hoped, blood glucose levels fell back to normal levels after a meal far more quickly on the days when the volunteers stood than when they sat.

There was also evidence, from the heart rate monitors that they were wearing, that by standing they were burning more calories.

If we look at the heart rates, John Buckley explains, we can see they are quite a lot higher actually – on average around 10 beats per minute higher and that makes a difference of about 0.7 of a calorie per minute.

Now that doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up to about 50 calories an hour. If you stand for three hours a day for five days that’s around 750 calories burnt. Over the course of a year, it would add up to about 30,000 extra calories, or around 8lb of fat”.

The full article can be found here:


What Standing Desks Are Available?

IKEA standing desk (not flexible to move, these desks are all stationary)

Starting from £179 up to £1170

ikea standing desk



Desk Mate – (The one I have been using)

Starting from £24- £49

I’ve found this one is perfect for testing out if standing up all day is for you.

These pop-up desks can be transported anywhere with the carry case that is included and is easy to hide away unlike the metal desks, so I can easily swap from standing to sitting with no hassle.

They come in some quirky colours and styles too rather than the boring standard standing office desks.

Use my Black Friday Code to get 30% off! 



Desk Mate standing desk


Desk Mate standing desk



Amazon deals

Starting from: £229 up to £375


yoyo desk mini standing desk uk



Why I chose to use Deskmate


Deskmate is 1/10th of the price, it is made from industrial strength cardboard and it’s the only standing desk on the market to fold away after use. It’s super easy and efficient to use.

Plus you are covered by a 12-month warranty!


How much weight can deskmate support?

Deskmate is designed to work with nearly any working setup. It holds up to 15kg on top (heavier than a large monitor) and 10kg on the bottom.

Minimate will support nearly all laptops and holds 15kg.

standing desk uk - desk mate


Can I put my computer monitor on it?

Absolutely. However, I wouldn’t recommend anything larger than 15kg on the top shelf (you can still fit an iMac on it easily though)

How tall do I need to be to use deskmate?

Deskmate generally works for people between 5’3 – 6’2. For taller people, they have a large version and below 5’3 they have deskmate S available.


How to work standing up all day?

What I have found is standing up all day can be tough on your feet! My ankles can sometimes swell which is very common among nurses and waitresses, and anyone who stands on their feet all day. It can be known as blood pooling, as the legs aren’t constantly moving, so it’s important to have the correct comfortable shoes and keep your feet moving every hour.


3 Top Tips for working standing up from Desk Mate

  • Comfy shoes. Make sure you have a spare pair of comfy trainers by your desk to pop on whilst standing. Even better, invest in a standing desk matt. These are for standing on bare feet for optimum comfort. It’s like a standing desk mattress!
  • Don’t go overboard. Use your standing desk intermittently throughout the day and build up!
  • Time yourself. It’s great to track how long you are standing and how you progress over time. You’ll notice your working days feel shorter, too!


Do you think you will try standing up vs sitting down at work?



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