Magnitone Barefaced Vibra Sonic Review


“It cleanses, tones, exfoliates and buffs for beautifully conditioned skin top to toe.”

As an ex-cystic acne sufferer, using a cleansing brush sounds like a bacterial nightmare. But when over 500 beauty writers have reviewed this product with a thumbs up, It’s hard to turn down the chance to try this out.

As promised on my Instagram, I am revealing my new morning skincare routine I have been using for the past month. I have always been sceptical about sonic brushes, and couldn’t help but see them as an unnecessary extra that is harsh on your skin ever since the Clarisonic hype came and went.


What is Magnitone Barefaced cleansing brush?

If you haven’t heard about sonic brushes, they are a device that uses magnetic impulses to draw out all impurities in your skin, leaving it exfoliated and full of radiance.

So when I was sent the new Magnitone barefaced sonic to try, I don’t think I could have eaten my words fast enough.



Firstly, when the box arrived, the packaging and quirky marketing used already had me on side. I then did what any sceptic does and sat and read the guide, looking for the warning signs.

My skin is still quite sensitive from my Roaccutane treatment so the idea of rubbing a brush all over my face sounded like hell. The instructions do warn against Roaccutane and Differin users, but the amazing team at Magnitone had already thought ahead and sent me the sensitive skin brushes which are ex-Roaccutane user-friendly.


How to use the brush?

I wet the soft brush with warm water and added a small squeeze of my new favourite, CHANEL Mousse Souceur Cleanser.  I worked the brush in a circular motion, lightly and slowly.

Some people like to wet their face and add their cleanser before using the brush, but I personally love the feeling of massaging the cleanser in with the brush. The Magnitone has two settings, the first for more sensitive skin and the second is a pulse for the t-zone and more congested areas, but this is something to build up to. A great feature is a one-minute timer so you can avoid overuse and cause more harm than good to your face.

It beeps every 20 seconds to let you know to move on from that area and is completely waterproof so there is no danger in using it in the shower.




How often should I use it?

Most people use the brush every day but I like to give my skin a little breather, so use it every other day. I’ve noticed such a difference in the brightness and texture of my skin. The after feeling of a deep cleanse is also insanely refreshing. I love to cover my face with my next top tip! Aldi Lacura Caviar night cream at an amazing £6.99.

I apply it almost like a facemask and let it sink into my skin. I cannot recommend both these products enough. The Lacura Caviar cream I have been testing against the La Praire skin Caviar for the past few months. Personally, I cannot get enough of the Lacura Caviar skin range.


The price compared to other brands is amazing value and the awards it has received speaks for its self. If you have any questions on if its right for your skin, comment below or email me, I love to hear your thoughts.

Magnitone cleanser review

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