Guest Post: Roxanne Gerken – Fitness tips for busy Mums.

Roxanne gerken


How to be a busy Mum but make time for the gym

Roxanne Gerken is a Mum of three who inspires others through her Instagram to be the best version of themselves,  by sharing her love of fitness and food.
I asked her to guest post as her page really caught my eye last year, with her inspirational posts around workout tips and recipes all while looking after 3 children.

As I’m not a Mummy myself yet, and I know there are a few of you who read my blog that have lots of beautiful babies, I thought it would be a great idea to ask Roxanne some questions from a busy Moms point of view on how she manages to stay in such amazing shape, manage her 3 kids, husband, house and her growing Instagram account.

Roxanne and I share the same views on ditching the scales, here you can see her impressive transformation since weight training, eating well and not looking at what the scales say.


Roxanne gerken

Guest Post: Roxanne Gerken


Hi guys,

I’m Roxanne Gerken, a Mum of three and wife to Dean.

I’ve always been very into fitness, even as a young child I was very athletic, competitive and enjoyed participating in sport to keep fit.

The daily gym routine is my “Me” time. It’s a great release of any stress or anxiety I may be feeling, and I come out feeling on top of the world.



“I think it’s so important for Mum’s to have some time to themselves”.



People often ask me “how do I have the energy to exercise having three children?”, but for me going to the gym gives the daily energy I need to keep up with them.

You can feel so tired and lethargic and after a good gym session, you always feel a million times better.

Roxanne Gerken


How do you manage being a busy Mum and still have time to go to the gym and eat healthily?

I’m quite fortunate in the fact that I’m a stay at home mum. Two of my children are in school,  and I have daily access to a crèche at my gym which I use for my youngest daughter Dixie.
In regards to eating healthily, I find it quite easy to follow a clean diet as it makes me feel so good on the inside as well as looking great on the outside.
Also having children, you want to make sure they are eating healthily, which is why I always make time to prepare healthy meals for us all.


Roxanne Gerken


What exercise routine do you currently do?  Do you work out at home or at the gym?

I go to the gym 5 times a week. Thursday and Sunday are my rest days as I do believe it’s important to give your body time to recover.
I mix up my routines. But I mainly do HITT training 5 times a week for fat burn it helps keep me lean and my body fat down.
I weight train 3 times a week to give myself definition and a womanly shape. I’m all about the gains.


Roxanne Gerken


Do you follow a diet plan?

I don’t believe in dieting as such, I just believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I think everything is fine in moderation and I would never deprive myself.
Balance and routine are key, once you’ve got that, you’re sorted!
I post a lot of my meals and recipes on my Instagram.


Roxanne Gerken

What would be your advice to new Mums who want to get back in shape after pregnancy, but are adjusting to balancing both been a Mum and looking after yourself?

My advice would be to not compare yourself to anyone else!
We all come in such different shapes and sizes.
I’m 5ft 9, so for me looking at someone petite and trying to get a body the same- well it just wouldn’t happen! You have to be realistic and understand your genetics.

“You have to accept what you’ve been given and just work on being the best version of yourself”.



Use pictures of yourself where you feel most confident for your motivation, and give yourself time. I think new Mums put way too much pressure on themselves to be a certain way.
Partly because of social media and the unrealistic bodies we’re seeing daily all over the internet. That’s why I say use yourself to motivate you.

My biggest motivation would have to be me and my kids. I’m always trying to better myself and get stronger and fitter. I want to be a good role model to my children and love the fact I’m fit enough to run around after them in the park.


Dean Gerken


You can see Roxanne’s Instagram page here.

 If you have any questions for Roaxanne, leave them below

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