Top 3 Fat Loss Tips

Want to know how to lose fat?


Belly fat, arm fat, inner thigh fat you name it!
Do these 3 things I swear by and it will happen.


If you’ve read my blog before you will know I’m not scared to admit, I’ve tried slimming pills, very low-calorie diets, cutting carbs and doing diets like Atkins and Dukan, but none have worked. Doing these 3 things together as a lifestyle change is the only thing that genuinely has worked and always works for me.

When I stop doing any of these 3 things I see the fat start to creep back on, lower energy levels and I generally do not look or feel my best! It so so simple!


1.Eat the right amount of macros/ calories for your body.

Every diet that works is at a calorie deficit. This means burning more than you are consuming but not in a harmful stressful way for your body. Going too low with your calories does the opposite thing that you want to do and will leave you feeling hungry and more likely to quit. Work out your BMI and stick to the recommended calories.


Track your meals on my fitness pal and don’t forget to include things like milk in your coffees and cooking oils. Eat proteins with every meal I aim for 20g in each meal every 2 hours.

Eat more carbs on days you are moving more eat less on days you move less. If you want to lift weights your gonna need some carbs in you to move them in an effective way. (Follow my diet plan if you need further help or use a nutritionist they honestly aren’t as expensive as people think.

Plans start from £20 from mind& muscle or Roxy who I have previously used and talked about on Instagram. Basically, if you wanna eat more calories, move more so you are in a deficit if you move less that day eat less. If you binge one day, eat less the next day.




2.Move More

Workout 5 days a week. Even if it’s just going for a walk. Move your body. I use weight training 3/4 times a week and cardio twice a week currently as I am aiming to lose fat I’ve gained from not eating as well as I usually do after my very strict cut.

I don’t do cardio for an hour. I use HIIT training methods to burn fat. Try these sprints on the treadmill or in the park. Tuesdays I either do a HIIT class or treadmill 30 seconds on running as fast as you possibly can, 30 seconds jump off and rest then repeat for 10 times and build your speed up every time. I also love the Stairmaster for keeping my bum full but my waist small and my body fat down. Prepare to sweat!

Try 5-10 mins every day after or before your workouts. Prepare to sweat! If you need to stop. Stop, have a rest and just restart it’s so much easier to get it done and it will give you the exact same results. Weight training days I do Monday legs, squats, lunges, deadlifts, quads etc. Tue cardio. Wednesday rest day. Thursday Stairmaster and abs or rest day. Friday is shoulders, back and arms day. Saturday is big booty focus day. Sunday rest day.



I change this round a lot so I don’t get bored.

3. Water.

Drinking water helps me drop body fat so much! I drink 4 litres a day and this stops me from over drinking milky coffee and teas. This tells my brain I’m not hungry as I’m not thirsty and I generally have more energy and my skin is glooooowing! I’m hydrated and not retaining water.

There is no quick fix/ overnight miracle to weight loss. You have to work hard consistently for it. Eat better, move more, stay hydrated ✅


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