Differin Gel Review For Acne & Anti-aging

What is Differin?

I posted a while ago about still getting the odd blemish and hormonal spot still, even after taking Roaccutane in 2014. Since then I have been using Differin 0.1% gel, prescribed by my doctor. Differin gel is used to treat acne but also has anti-ageing properties.



Does Differin Cure Acne?

I was using the gel once or twice a week for 6 months. But in all honesty, I now use it every other night as a form of anti-ageing, like a Retin-A style product as Differin Gel contains the retinoid adapalene.  I researched into its anti ageing qualities and discovered that Differin is a different type of Retinoid than Tretinoin ( Retin A, Atralin, Avita, Tretin X,) and Tazarotene ( Tazarac, Avage).

Differin review

Is Differin good for anti ageing?

It is not as harsh on the skin, making it less irritating than its competitors (which really affect me personally) and is also more stable in the sun. However, it has not had proven results in anti-ageing the same way that Retinoids like Retin-a or Tazarac have. The good bits are that it has no oil or fragrance added into it for the acne uses and it’s fine to use while pregnant, unlike other retinoids.

I found this great article if you want to know more about Retinol anti-ageing effects, straight from the doctors.

 before and after differing gel

What effects did Differin have on my skin?

I have found it has stopped any breakouts and gets rid of any hormonal spots I have lingering instantly. I would recommend using this if anyone is in the same position as me, as an after upkeep after taking Roaccutane.

The reviews on Acne.com for actual current acne sufferers are mixed but everyone’s skin is different. Personally would always recommend Roaccutane treatment if you are suffering from acne every day and is causing you physical and mental issues.


How to use Differin Gel?

Apply a thin layer at night, after cleansed skin. I like to wait a good 15 minutes for my face to have calmed down before applying it every other night or however your doctor prescribed for your acne, as it can cause more of a reaction to freshly washed skin.

I like to wake up in a morning, cleanse and add lots of Aldi, Caviar Cream, which I absolutely cannot live without at £6.99.

This can now be purchased over the counter in most countries other than the UK.


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