Roaccutane | Can you exercise and work while on accutane? – Guest Post


Can you exercise and work while on Accutane?


Hey, I’m Emma Lawes and welcome to my guest blog!

About me

I’m 28, live in Clapham in South West London and I’m a qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and a Les Mills instructor for Body Pump. I have a degree in Media and Communications from Loughborough University and also have a full-time career as a Senior Commercial Manager at Virgin Media.

Things that make me happy include lifting weights, crunchy peanut butter, skiing, espresso martinis, reading and house music. Despite being an extrovert, I’ve also suffered from cystic acne for the past 5 years which has really affected my confidence so I’m now currently 3 months into treatment with Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) after having a fairly epic breakdown at my doctors last November.


My friends would probably describe me as a bit of a rocket! A party girl for the past 10 years, whilst being passionate about fitness and having a high flying career. I try and do all this whilst avoiding stress and burnout but honestly, it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of planning and a strong mindset, but having a clear vision and knowledge of what works for you in a world of information and fad overload is key.

9 am – 5 pm I work in the TV industry and I get a buzz from being involved in launching blockbusters and promoting big events like Anthony Joshua fights, but you’ll rarely see me sat on the sofa too long!

I started my Instagram account @fitnesslawes as a way to start sharing my little tips, simple food ideas and small things that can make a difference even if you have a super busy day to day life as most of us do. My goal is to inspire others who might want to make fitness more part of their lifestyle, whilst not sacrificing a career or a social life.


My Skin & Body Journey

I’ve always been sporty, and when I was younger I competed in swimming, gymnastics, diving, netball, and athletics. I followed my love of being active to Loughborough University where I studied media and played netball. But despite the sport, my diet of Special K, pasta, a lot of alcohol and cheesy chips left me without the toned figure I aspired to. Then, after graduating I went to the other extreme and got into an unhealthy relationship with food, restricting calories and relying on hours of running outside or on the treadmill.



At 24 I moved to London and started training in a gym where I fell in love with lifting weights through Body Pump classes. I learnt about nutrition from following fitness Instagram accounts and reading blogs which then inspired me to pursue fitness more seriously.

I went on to gain my level 2 fitness qualification in 2016, and last month passed the assessment for being a Body Pump Instructor so that I can inspire others to start lifting weights! You’ll currently catch me jumping in to teach as many classes as possible evenings & weekends at gyms around London.


But, at the same time as my body confidence was growing, my skin was getting worse and worse so after hitting rock bottom I begged my doctor to refer me to the hospital because antibiotics and topical treatments were making no difference.


“I’m currently on 60mg a day, and after almost 3 months I’m only just seeing my angry inflamed breakouts lessen so I’m in it for the long haul”.



What side effects have I had?

The side effects of this drug can be serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’m suffering really dry cracked lips, dry eyes and nosebleeds but it’s actually the mental challenge and lifestyle change that’s been the hardest for me. I’ve found lower energy levels and increased anxiety which has made having a healthy lifestyle and reminding myself of the end goal more important. I have some pretty shocking before photos of my face in the harsh light of day which I hope to share when I’m at the end of my treatment to give others hope that it does work.


Top 3 Products for me right now…

  • Blistex intensive moisturiser – I have about 10 tubes on the go in every single bag!
  • La Roche-Posay Efflacur H moisturiser – religiously applied morning and night
  • Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue – so hydrating, has SPF and evens out any redness so well


Keeping a positive mental attitude with goals

What works for me is having bigger ambitions, then making smaller weekly goals. My 2018 resolutions were these 3 things so I’m keeping myself accountable for this each week!


Keeping a positive mental attitude with goals

What works for me is having bigger ambitions, then making smaller weekly goals. My 2018 resolutions were these 3 things so I’m keeping myself accountable for this each week!

  1. Improve my skin
  2. Become a qualified Body Pump instructor
  3. Increase flexibility & mobility

My top tips for anyone starting out with fitness 

Decide you’re going to make a change 

Then decide how much you want it! I can guarantee that if you don’t want it enough, you won’t make it happen.

Figure out what kind of goal making works for you

Personally, I never weigh myself, so for me, it’s about how I look visually, so I use photos to track progress and a weekly diary for how my mood is and what workouts I did that week.

Go back to basics
They say abs are made in the kitchen and it’s true! If your goal is to be leaner and you’re are eating more calories than you burn in a day, you won’t lose fat. Portion control and watch out for hidden calories (particularly in drinks) is really important for creating a calorie deficit. Eat less move more!


Be patient and consistent

Make a plan each week (I do mine on Sunday), and plan when you’re going to workout and what you’ll eat for the week. Remember that changing your body will take time. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Find people who have your back no matter what  

For me, it’s my parents and a handful of incredible friends. I read a quote last week that said ‘don’t ever spend time with people who aren’t thrilled with your progress’ and it’s really stuck with me.

Find inspiration

This can be influencers that you are motivated by. For me, my top accounts at the moment are of course the gorgeous @emilylucyrajch, @stef_fit for her amazing booty workout plan and videos, and Aussie babe @laurensimpson for total goals!




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What I love most about fitness is the feeling I get after a workout, and even those days when all I want to do is crawl home to bed, I never ever regret a session.

Follow my Instagram @fitnesslawes and DM me or email and I’d love to answer any questions or give advice based on my experiences.

Emma x


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