Why is buying Roaccutane online a bad idea?

Why is buying Roaccutane online a bad idea?

*This post is for UK Accutane users and may differ in other countries, however, the risks are still the same.

Roaccutane also known as Isotretinoin or Accutane is a severe acne treatment, which can only be prescribed by a consultant-led team (in the UK), which is why most cases are issued in hospital-based pharmacies by a dermatologist.

Click here for the post on what Roaccutane is:

Roaccutane (isotretinoin)


The Roaccutane creams or tablets are NOT available over the counter or on any online pharmacies legally.

If you buy Roaccutane, Isotretinoin or Accutane from anyone other than from a prescription given to you from a UK based doctor in the UK (NHS) then this is illegal and is extremely dangerous.

The course of tablets can last between 16-24 weeks and the side effects are extremely dangerous when not monitored by a medical professional.

To see the full side effects, I experienced click here.


Who cant have this treatment?

The following people will not receive treatment with isotretinoin:

  • children aged 12 years or younger
  • women who are, or who might be, pregnant (see below)
  • women who are breastfeeding
  • people with impaired liver function
  • people with high levels of fat in their blood
  • people with hypervitaminosis A – the presence of too much vitamin A in the body, symptoms of which include:
    • fatigue
    • skin changes
    • hair loss
    • headache
    • stomach ache

Isotretinoin should be used with caution in people with:

  • a history of depression
  • diabetes
  • dry-eye syndrome
  • impaired kidney function
  • people who are allergic to peanuts, soya, or the sugar sorbitol as some brands of isotretinoin may contain these ingredients


For the full list of government regulations when it comes to Roaccutane in the UK click here



How can I get Roaccutane legally?

When I was prescribed Roaccutane 4 years ago, I was at breaking point with my skin, I had spoken to my doctor over and over about how other treatments weren’t working. I had adult acne and it wasn’t going away. The cysts were painful, and I was very insecure about myself. I felt ugly and was mentally drained by people’s comments and actions towards me when it came to how I looked.

You can see my full journey with Roaccutane here and how 4-years later I still completely spot free.


roaccutane before and after Emily rajch

The doctor’s job is to put you off the treatment and ensure you have tried every other method available. This isn’t a quick pop to the doctors for a cure. If you really want to be prescribed Roaccutane then you need to be patient and understand that if you can be cured by something else, this is a good thing not bad.Taking this drug could change you forever and should be avoided if possible.

Other methods to treat acne are:

  • private laser treatments
  • Changing your eating Habits (allergies)
  • Bacteria –  hygiene habits – Click here for my top tips
  • Chemical peels
  • Review hormone levels
  • Stress/ Immune system

Blogger Caroline Hirons helped me understand acne and found her cheat sheets so helpful:

She is a trained dermatologist and I have taken her advice so many times.

If you still want to take Roaccutane and feel you have exhausted all other options then this wiki guide is helpful



Will Accutane work for me?

My next post regarding Roaccutane, I have interviewed 4 people in the UK who are currently taking it/ have just finished taking/ took it last year.

This will help anyone who needs some very recent advice on how to get this drug prescribed as I am coming up to nearly 5 years since I stopped taking it now.

This also will demonstrate how each person can get different side-effects and how each person’s results can vary.


If your debating taking Roaccutane or just want to know more, let me know If there is anything you would like me to specifically ask for the next post.



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