What should I eat for breakfast to lose belly fat and gain muscle?


I posted on my Instagram this week about starting my 12-week prep routine for my holiday to Dubai in April. As I mentioned before, I really took some much needed time off over Christmas and as a result, Ive gained a pesky 7lbs on my belly, arms and bum (that one I don’t mind as much haha).

But instead of pretending I hadn’t I wanted to be honest and share my journey to losing the belly fat once again before I jump back in a bikini.

Something that I have always struggled with getting right is clean eating breakfast.

There are so many myths out there about whats healthy for you, what your body needs to kick-start your metabolism and what time you should eat it?

It can all get very confusing, which is why I can say I have tried a lot of different methods to get the first meal I eat a day right.



What breakfasts look healthy for weight loss but aren’t?


Fat-Free yoghurt with fruit




This has a crazy 24g of sugar in a 175g serving which is 2g away from being the same as a doughnut.


Of course, this isn’t the same type of unhealthy breakfast as a doughnut as this is not the same type of sugar. Fruit sugar or also known as Fructose sugar effects people differently. If you are very active for many hours of the day and have a fast metabolism that burns the fruit giving you energy then the meal above is completely fine for you to consume and maintain a low body fat percentage however if you have a slower metabolism like me,  this converts to fat and stores it in your fat cells. Which is why when I thought I was eating healthy and eating all the things that people associate with being healthy, I wasn’t losing any weight. I stored my fat on my lower belly and lower back.

Since making small changes to educate myself on what I am actually eating by working with a nutritionist, I see results very quickly by making the changes listed below. This method of eating is also a lot cheaper!



Emily rajch fitness



Yes, there are health benefits to eating fruit and I will eat it myself, but only before a work out as it will help to give my body energy, but not when I am sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day like a lot of us do.

Things to avoid at breakfast time

  • Avoid using oil to cook eggs or turkey bacon in
  • Keep portion sizes down
  • Avoid lots of heavy carbs like bread and pancakes if you’re trying to lose fat
  • Anything processed like sugary cereals, granola is full of sugar
  • Avoid smoothies with lots of sugary fruits in, stick to kiwis, pineapple or blueberries and keep it to a small portion, moderation is key.
  • Adding lots of honey or sugar to anything, try and avoid honey and jams while you are looking to lose fat and gain muscle.



what should I eat for breakfast when trying to lose weight?




This is the same recipe as above but with some small changes

  • change to 0% fat Greek or natural yoghurt that has a high percentage of protein and fewer sugars.
  • change the portion size to 100g (this tub lasts you 5 working days at that weight, which works out at £0.27p per day!!
  • Add 1 scoop of protein to your yoghurt on training days which makes you feel fuller for longer and makes the yoghurt taste great.
  • Take vitamin C, A and iron tablets such as One for all tablets from MyVitamins these have 60mg of vitamin C which is 75% compared to the above meal of 72% and 20g more sugar!
  • Swap to 10 blueberries or a kiwi as they have a lowest glycemic index.


Other alternative yoghurts are available such as FAGE Total but it is a lot more expensive and has nearly exactly the same breakdown stats.The one I use is from Aldi by Brooklea.


Heres some more healthy breakfast ideas 

Protein shake
X 2 scoops of diet protein powder mixed with water and a small amount of almond milk.  (Add blueberries or 2 tablespoons of rolled oats if you find you’re self still hungry)
This is a great breakfast if you are on the run with a busy morning, instead of panic buying food at the supermarket where its hard to get clean proteins, pre-plan with a protein shake.



X3 egg omelette (or scrambled) with spinach and small cube of feta cheese
Use a non-stick pan to avoid using oil to cook the eggs in and be conscious of the amount of cheese used.





X2 Slices Turkey Bacon x1 poached or boiled eggs, red pepper

Great high protein low-calorie breakfast, use only turkey bacon, not pork bacon. bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Serve Pepper cold or hot.





Let me know what are your favourite breakfast ideas?

If you have any questions, ask below 🙂



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