7 Pre-Holiday Health & Beauty Prep Tips


Beauty Tips To Prepare For Your Summer Holiday

It’s coming to that wonderful time of year, where we plan our Summer holidays and leave it to 2 weeks before we go to start to think about getting into a bikini and waxing our legs.
I’m 10 days away from my April holiday to Dubai (very kind Christmas present from Anthony) and the reality of it just hit. So like anything, I made a list of exactly what I need to do to make sure I am feeling my absolute best on holiday. Nothing I hate more than feeling unprepared for my time away. I love to feel comfortable and confident when I’m in that two piece.


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1.Tone & Cut

12 weeks before my holiday I get stricter with my diet. Instead of 2-3 sloppy mistakes of the odd cheat meal or accepting an office busicuit stops.  It goes to 1 cheat meal per week, 4 litres of water every day, protein every 2-4 hours and lots of green veg with every meal. If you need some inspiration check out my full FREE meal plan here. I also train at the gym 6 days a week. 5 days weight training 1 day cardio.

10 days before the holiday, I up my cardio to 30-40 minutes each day. Doing either HIIT training or sprints on the treadmill doing 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 10 sets. I then finish with 10-30 minutes of Stairmaster. If you plan on eating lots while you’re away, then this is great to make sure you don’t come back with a food baby. Remember balance is key!

I  also cut carbs completely 3- 5 days before.



I Increase my water intake a week before, to make sure my skin is glowing, my body is hydrated and balances out the amount of cardio I am doing.

I also try to drink 4 litres on the plane to make sure I stay hydrated as the flight can make you look drained and bloated. Keep Hydrated.


3. Water Weight

I eat asparagus in 2 of my meals every day. Yes, it makes your wee stinky and gets a little boring after a while but is a natural diuretic so helps you lose water weight and tighten up.

1o days before I stop taking creatine, Protein powders, anything with sweeteners or sugars and any supplements that can make me hold water.  I  just take vitamin C  and up it to 2 tablets 4 times a day 3 days before. Click here to find out more about Vitamin C.


4. Prepare for minimal makeup

I make sure my face is blemish free by keeping on top of my skincare regime. 3 days before the flight I sleep in a layer of La Roche Posay Cicaplast and Balance Vitamin C serum each night This helps my face prepare for the sun, keep hydrated and look glowing, even after my flight. I love to use GlamGlow Thirsty mud mask on the plane and before the shower to make sure my skin is looking dewy and any acne scars aren’t angry or dehydrated which makes them look worse.


glam glow


I also have either eyelash extensions or LVL lashes as I love to let my skin breath on holiday and having extra lashes makes you feel like you are wearing makeup even when your not.
I just use tinted moisture and Liquid Highlighter to add extra sunkissed glow.

I used to also have HD brows or dye my brows a few days before my holiday but I now have them microbladed which is so amazing when you’re in the sun. No fear of melting brows or dark smudges on your face mixed with suncream.  See my full experience with my tattooed eyebrows here. 


5.Prepare my body for the sun

I stop wearing any fake tan 2 weeks before so I am not patchy and my skin can breathe. I then exfoliate my skin with coffee and coconut sugar and cover my body with coconut oil every night, 5 days before.

*I do not recommend this next one and I’m only adding it to this list because I have to be honest about what I do, I use sunbeds for 3-6 minutes once a week 5 weeks before my holiday as I have a really bad tendency to burn. Getting a base tan is the only thing that stops this from happening but I really hate the effects sunbeds have on your skin so don’t use them if you can help it. I always wear factor 50 on my face every day and on the sunbed.


6. Nails

I get my nails shellacked 2-3 days before so they don’t chip or peel from the pool. I don’t have the time or patience to keep painting them while I’m away or take lots of nail polishes in my luggage. I like it to be something I don’t have to think about and my hands and feet look polished and lovely in all my holiday snaps.

7. Buy the essentials

I always buy a good instant tan. This works wonders if you have a tendency to burn like me. I put the instant tan on my red bits and they look golden brown, instead of white on red strap marks.

A good aftersun is important to keep your tan. Once on holiday, don’t exfoliate your skin, just keep it as hydrated as possible to lock in your tan and avoid peeling.

Always wear a high factor suncream and keeping your hair protected from the sun is just as important as your skin.

I also prep all my outfits for my holiday and plan which shoes and accessories will be worn with each so I’m not just packing loads of unwanted bits or panicking when I don’t have them. This way I can have a stress free holiday and feel good and confident in what I’m wearing every night.

Let me know if you think ive missed any key ones off!

Have a great holiday!



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    First of all you are really very beautiful and I just love the way you carry your look. Thanks for sharing this and I must say this is very impressive guide.

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