5 Acne & Spot Preventing Tips 

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As I suffered from acne as a teenager, I began noticing what would make my skin worse over time.

Here are some tips on what  I found helped keep my skin blemish free over the years.
Even after my complexion completely changed after taking the prescribed Roaccutane treatment, I still stick to these methods to keep spot free and avoid adult acne.  

Cleansing – why not 
to use face wipes

If you are a ‘face wipe user’ and tend to complain about having ‘bad’ or dull skin, then let’s think about what face wipes actually are?

You are rubbing the day’s grime, pollution and last traces of thick mascara around your face rather than removing the daily dirt. I personally believe face wipes and baby wipes are the worst things to use on your delicate skin. They strip it of all natural oils and are full of alcohol which is far too harsh for the skin. What would happen if you no longer decided to take a shower and just use wipes on your body daily? This is the way you should treat your face. Keep it cleansed and clean.


How should you remove makeup?

Removing makeup with a cleanser such as Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or Elemis Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm is a more hygienic and easier way for your skin.

Wash in a morning with a muslin cloth (you get two in the Liz Eare starter kit) then the same again at night to remove my makeup.

Sleeping in your make will lead to blemishes and cause bacteria to breed under your skin, and who wants that? No excuses, even drunk Saturday night girls can cleanse!

Double cleansing

Being a massive germ-a-fobe, and the fact that I declared war on acne years ago, I use two muslin cloths at night to make sure I take makeup off with one and then cleanse again with the clean one to make sure I am dirt and germ-free. I then pat (no rubbing as this spreads germs and irritates the skin) my face dry with a clean towel.


If you suffer from acne or even the odd blemish or two, small changes to your routine can make a big difference.


Extra hygiene is a key to keeping blemish free. I never share anything which my face touches to avoid bacteria. It seems a little excessive but it honestly makes such a difference.  I always use my own face towel, which I never use on my hands, JUST for your face. I also do this with pillow cases and anything that could produce dirt and bacteria on my skin.


emily rajch skin

5 Spot Preventing Tips

Water: keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. Don’t over do it but at least 6-8 litres a day.


Milk alternatives: Try alternatives to Cows milk. The hormones in cow’s milk trigger breakouts for most acne suffers. Coconut or almond are my faves.

SPF/Suncream:  Use it every day.  SPF is your best friend. All the women you see that look haggard and wrinkly under 60, is mostly due to their love of the sun or UVA sunbeds.  Use SPF always on your face even in winter. Even the younger celebrities like Kylie Jenner, swear by using factor 50 SPF on their hands and face daily. A favourite of mine to start including this into your skincare routine is a combined SPF Moisturizer. Clinique have one for oily skin and one for hydrating anti ageing. Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 25. Elle and Vogue do some great write-ups on this product but I would still use an SPF suncream on top as the combo moisturises are always weaker.  I personally never trust moisturisers with an SPF only and add a factor 50 every morning on top.


Hygiene: Use your own towels and pillowcases, do not share other peoples products or items your face could have contact with. Spots are caused by bacteria clogging your pores. Keep things clean.

My vitamins

Vitamins: Take supplements Vitamin A & E. I have taken vitamin A for years now. I use My Vitamins to purchase all my supplements from , they have the best selection and i love their packaging! I always have vitmains on my desk at work, in my handbag and in my smoothie cupboard at home. I am terribly forgetful so this way i make sure to take them at least one point in the day, as they are so cheap but hugely affective at helping my skin stay spot free and youthful, i like to stock up and make sure i always take them. No excuses. I take:

X1 vitamin a

X1 vitamin e

X1 omega 3,6,9




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