7 Weight Loss Tips

The end of last year resulted in me 7lbs heavier and focusing daily on not catching another cold on my way to work.

If you’ve followed my Blog for a while you will know I am clued up on my vitamins and supplements and I know health is not something to be taken lightly, so it was very odd that I kept getting so run down as soon as Winter hit the UK.

After numerous trips to the doctors and hospital, its turned out to be my asthma that has been the cause of it all.


I have to admit, by the end of 8 weeks of no training, I entered December with a relaxed attitude and fully let my immune system win the battle. I went to the gym two times a week but I couldn’t remember the last time I broke into a sweat. I gave myself a Christmas break

and now looking back I’m so glad I did because I currently feel the best mentally and physically in a long time.

This week I have had 4 amazing training sessions and set my goals for 2018.


As I love a healthy lifestyle it’s not hard at all for me to jump back into prepping my meals and working out a routine for what parts I want to lose and gain to my shape. I’ve also had over 2 years of testing and trialling what workouts and eating plans work for me.

This being said, I know a lot of people are just starting their fitness journeys this January.

Since the 2nd of December everywhere you go, you’ve probably heard someone mention wedding body, leftover baby weight or booking a holiday for a goal to get in shape.

These are all amazing targets but, people are so quick to quit as soon as it gets hard and doesn’t fit with their life.



Excuses I hear a lot are “I’m too busy with the kids to go to the gym” or the one I used to use” I work such long hours in the office I just want to relax after work, I cant do both”. 

There really is no excuse. There are 24 hours in a day and even if all you can manage in your busy life is 20 minutes, its enough to keep you healthy and happier!

So with this, I’ve asked a few inspirational women to guest post on my blog this month and explain their different fitness journies, how they stay on track mentally and how they manage working out and eating healthy within their lifestyle.

So to start this series of posts off I’m going to share my top tips that work so well for me.



7 Weight Loss Tips



  1. Don’t make excuses

    What you eat in secret you wear in public, what you don’t do in the gym you see in the mirror.
    Change your mindset is my number 1 tip. Once you have trained your mind to get past the I cant… stage you will never look back.

  2. Water

    Drinking water is the best way to lose weight for me. I find it so hard to remember to drink water, so I buy a big bottle of 2L Evian water when I’m filling my car with petrol at the start of the week. I do the same thing every day.  I drink the first 2L by the end of my working day at 5.30, then I fill it back up and drink the other 2L over the evening and before bed.
    When you first start this it’s hard to do because your bladder isn’t used to it so you will need the loo ALOT but after a while, it gets used to the amount of water and the effects aren’t as drastic. Another tip is using a straw, I find I can drink so much more water through a straw as I’m not gulping which allows my body to adjust to the amount of water I am having.

  3. Meal Prep

    Something that has seriously helped me lose so much weight and keep it off is breaking the bad habit of lunchtimes. I used to spend £5-£10 a day on my lunch at work, telling myself that pret salad is healthy when really it’s not at all. Now every day I bring a pre-made lunch to work, usually, 3 turkey sausages from Asda or Chicken sausages from Tesco, with a handful of green veg or red peppers and a 3rd of a packet of uncle bens Wholegrain rice. It costs around £3.30 per meal and leaves me feeling so full and full of energy all day. I bought my tupawear from Amazon and it makes it easier to keep the portion sizes down.
    Days you are lifting weights, you can eat more, days you do cardio or no training, eat less and move more. Try to eat protein every 4 hours.

    If you follow me on Instagram I always share my lunches on my Instagram stories.

  4. Consistency

    There are no shortcuts. If you want this you have to do this forever, not just a few months. Make sure you have tip number 1 conquered and the rest will become so simple.
    The best advice I ever took was from my boyfriend Anthony about running. I could run maximum 4 minutes down the road when I met him. I absolutely hated running. My chest would burn id feel like I couldn’t breathe, my mind was screaming at me to stop and I would. I would tell myself well its better than nothing that’s as far as I can go physically.
    That’s where I was wrong!
    Having an ex-athlete as a boyfriend comes in handy. He said.. Just keep running past that stage, everyone has that its awful for the first 5 minutes then it goes away and you can just run because you get in a motion. I obviously thought this was complete lies! or why would I have not heard this before?
    The week after, I tried His method. I went for a run on my own down the canal. My chest burning out of control, wheezing and snotting like an absolute mess. Where I would have usually stopped I kept going. Enjoying some Kanye and Jay Z, I kept running, My legs got into a comfortable rhythm. I had gone further and further and my feet were killing but my chest had stopped. I ran 5k on my first proper run and I was so proud of myself and instantly addicted to that feeling.

    That’s life really. Its hard so you can either quit and go a different route, or you can battle through the hard part and everything gets easier on the path you wanted.


    A good 8 hours of sleep minimum each night is key to weight loss. When you’re tired your more likely to binge eat and your body is more stressed. WebMD: “insufficient sleep impacts your hunger and fullness hormones, including two called ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin signals your brain that it’s time to eat. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body makes more ghrelin. Leptin, on the other hand, cues your brain to put the fork down.When you’re not getting enough sleep, leptin levels plummet, signalling your brain to eat more food.”. For me sleep is key to having a great work out, staying on track with what I eat and keeping my cravings down.

    6.Don’t compare

    Don’t compare yourself to other people, especially not Instagram models or images.  None of that is real, all good posing. The image below is the same week as the image above, it’s just good angels and posing. Everyone is different. Something I have really struggled with is wanting a smaller waist. I naturally don’t have this so I have worked on building my shoulders and my hips to give the illusion it is smaller, a tip I stole from Amanda Finn.
    Genetics have a huge part to play in peoples aesthetics and plastic surgery has helped a few people out so never compare, just look at your progress photos. Progress photos are so important! Never feel vain or embarrassed to take them.
    Take them every week in the same spot and the days you feel like you’ve made no progress you can look at them and see just how far you have come!




    To see my before and after photos click here.

7. Overtraining

Don’t overtrain. They say abs are made in the kitchen for a reason. Eating the correct balanced meals is more important than training every day for me and my results.
I always try to move and be active but I now train 3-4 days a week at the gym rather than the 5-7 I was before. I enjoy my social/ cleaning/rest days and I’m so much more focused on the days I am in the gym. I give my body time to rest and recover which allows me to gain more. I also believe having a training friend or partner really encourages you to work hard and help each other.

To see my full post on overtraining click below or here.

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Let me know what your thoughts are on my tips and what you would add?

Also if you would like to guest blog please drop me a message id love to hear from you!






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