6 Tips- How to prevent spots at a festival

Here’s how to prevent spots…

Are you going to a festival this year but worried about embarrassing breakouts?

Here’s how to prevent spots with my skincare and beauty guide for the festival season, and my own Glastonbury Festival experience.

Glastonbury was such an unbelievable adventure, easily one of the highlights of my life to experience, but a complete assault course for my skin. Glitter, full foundations and not enough water, really put you through your paces. I did, however, manage to somehow stay spot free and I will even admit one night I broke the ultimate sin and fell asleep with my makeup on until I regained some straight thinking and managed to scrub panda-eyed glitter combo off at about 4-am at a drinking tap.


What I did to prevent spots

I refused to use baby wipes and stuck to my Liz Earle cleanse every day and night. I kept hydrated in the mornings when my skin looked like it had aged 20 years with AVÈNE Thermal water spray and Weleda skin food. I did cheat and had 2 showers while I was there to resuscitate myself back to life, which I’m sure helped massively, but excessive drinking and take out food was sure to be a skin disaster.



6 Tips for preventing spots at a festival

    • Keep hydrated- 2-4 litres of water will make you feel and look like new, I tried to drink 2 litres in a morning before heading out to watch the bands for the day. This will make you need to use the portaloos a little more but if you drink it first thing, you won’t be stuck queuing at the main stage loos all afternoon.
    • Hygiene- I know it sounds obvious, but after a few afternoon drinks and camping for a few days, hygiene isn’t quite what it is at home. Clean your hands with soap and water before and after applying makeup and add sanitizer. This can be difficult in the middle of a field, but grime and dirt blocking your pores is not what your skin will thank you for.
    • Wash your face not wipe (ban the face wipes) –Don’t sleep in your makeup no matter how tipsy you get, you will regret it the next day. I used Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, even with a bottle of water and a muslin cloth. Although this seems like a lot of effort over a face wipe, avoiding embarrassing alcohol and sleep deprived blemishes will be worth it the next day. Using face wipes just moves the dirt around and the rubbing motion just pushes it into your skin’s pores, creating spots.
    • Water sprays- especially if it’s warm (Keep your skin hydrated) who doesn’t love that summer glow, embrace it.
    • Coconut oil- for your hair and to add shine and glow to your legs and skin. This is a great tip if you have dry skin. Plus its so cheap its easy to just throw in the bin on the pack up home.
    • Get Organised/Makeup Bag- Take a different makeup bag to what you would usually use if you are taking glitter, it gets everywhere! 6 weeks later I am still finding it hiding in my bronzer brush and lipsticks. This can breed bacteria and spread germs back onto your hands weeks later.


Try to go as natural as possible! You’re at a festival! Embrace it.


Glastonbury Festival

Where to camp?

As four city girls, we completely cheated and had a campervan for the week.
We stayed at The Pop Up Motel, not quite a hotel, but we had portable showers and a lovely dressing area with mirrors and female friendly toilets.


glastonbury pop up motel


The only downfall was the 15-minute walk every day to get into the festival. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but after walking for 6-9 hours a day from stage to stage and generally dancing at any opportunity, it really is so tiring. Also popping back to the tent for something is not an easy task. So what you leave with in the morning is what you come back with at 4 am in the morning.

glastonbury pop up motel



We had tried for weeks to get a campervan pass onsite but these were just as hard to get  as the tickets themselves. We joined a forum that would send alerts to my phone every time they came back on sale but generally was a nightmare and in the end opted for spending a little more to enjoy a little bit of cleanliness which by Sunday, is like heaven.



Could not recommend experiencing Glastonbury festival at some point in your life anymore. It really is like visiting another planet. Get ready for serious Glastonbury blues when you arrive home. This place is addictive for a reason.


To see more photos and videos from my Glastonbury festival click my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/emilylucyrajch


Let me know what your spot preventing tips are in the comments below!

Glastonbury festival beauty guide


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