“There is no need to be perfect to inspire others, let people be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections”.


I can proudly say I did it myself.
I made my own website, I go to the gym 4 days a week, I work full-time in Artificial Intelligence/ SEO for a digital agency, I wear bikinis and dance on tables in Ibiza and I am a tech-loving nerd.

Technical SEO/Dev is mostly a male orientated industry, just like a lot of industries out there. But I am one of the anomalies. And I believe in brains and beauty.


“Emily is not just another Fitness Blogger”


Relying on how you look to make an income is a popular aspiration for today’s young women. I, on the other hand, want to inspire women to learn and be business minded and still look after their health and appearance. If that’s important to them.

Who says you can’t do both?!


Industry Background

After gaining my first degree from The London College of Fashion (10 years ago now, wow!), I worked as a Freelance Fashion Stylist and gained an amazing opportunity as, Online Fashion & Beauty assistant for ELLE Magazine. Assisting the online team with fashion assisting and Health & Beauty Editor, Amy Lawrenson with product testing and reviews.

This is where I truly discovered my love for skincare and luxury products but also my interest in working online and how the digital industry was taking over.

5 years ago I moved back to Leeds to be closer to family and decided to study further, and did a second BA degree in Digital Media and Marketing. I freelanced as a model scout for Premier Models and also assisted companies with content writing and website management until I started at Home Agency.

I kept involved in creative industries freelancing as a model scout for Premier Models and assisted companies with content writing and website management until I started at Home Agency.

I now work as part of the technical SEO team in Artifical Intelligence Optimization.

Google says, ‘focus on the user and all else will follow’. We take this forward in delivering search strategy that aligns with what users want from content right through to user experience and accessibility.

I am very lucky to work with such an amazing team of intellectual, creative minded individuals that teach me something new everyday all while I educate them on improving their diets and what skincare products they need to start using.


Yes men, you do need to moisturise.


Emails regarding working with me:

[email protected]

Skincare Experience


My love for Fashion and Beauty started early, with my Mum a beauty therapist for most of my childhood, I learnt lots about looking after my skin at an early age. I then moved to London at 18, and worked for numerous Fashion Magazines, surrounding myself with fresh-faced models, who didn’t have a blemish in sight. Constantly feeling insecure and hopeless about my returning acne, I decided to share my experiences with products and treatments on Facebook and Instagram, where I would receive desperate emails and messages from people feeling the exact same way, but now asking for my advice. From this, my blog was born.

At 14 I was diagnosed with Cystic Acne. This led to years of thick makeup, and treatment after treatment to attempt to overcome my growing, self-conscious skin problem.  Now at 27, I can finally say I am so happy with my skin, and throughout my blog, I tell you how and why, I am now blemish free, sharing the products I love, and reviewing new additions, I trial to add to my routines.

I focus on my experience with taking isotretinoin / Roaccutane and how it has helped me. But I also cover the importance of diet and exercise for your skin. I’ve recently added new features to the blog, such as travel suggestions in the lifestyle section, as i am a huge travel and food lover. I have also now included my love for music and making the perfect gym playlists, which can be found in the Fitness dropdown.



Disclaimer: from time to time I may be provided with samples or review copies for free to feature on my blog. In these cases, I will be sure to indicate this in the post, and any items I have received will be listed with #AD.
 If you wish to contact me with regard to featuring products on my blog, please use my email address above.


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